Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Christiaan Riding

Miki says......."Christiaan never lets me ride his bike"

Brennon says....." Fun, wish I was there."

Mom says....."Duh, Brennon you were there, and Miki, you can barely ride a 2 wheeler, let alone a motorcycle."

Bubba loves his kick a$$ motorcycle

RASTAR Lagoon Day 2008

3 very lovely kids....... but very naughty!!!

Brennon, Miki and Christiaan

Great Christiaan's has the moon shine in hand, Brennon's shooting Christiaan, and Miki's shooting me!

BUT......I still end up with the hot guy!

Miki thinks it's really funny that I think I'm a natural blonde!

Whatever......I KNOW I am a natural blonde! That hair color is au natural....

Just smile already!

How much do I love this clan?

More than......I believe I'm a natural blonde!

San Fran 2008 Tony and Miki